The OHSA also try to explore any other innovative ways of raising funds without costing us any more money.

Gift aid is new to the OHSA and we are hoping that using  Gift Aid will boost our funds considerably. It is tax claimed back from the Inland Revenue from donations made to us out of your earned income.

If you are a UK tax payer, we are able to claim 28.2p in every pound that you donate to our OHSA. The procedure for this is very simple. Every time you support the OHSA with a cash donation or if you support a sponsored event, the OHSA can claim the Gift Aid on your contribution simply by completing a declaration that you are a UK tax payer.

There is nothing further for you to do and we need no other information from you. The issue of Gift Aid is taken on trust and you can support more than one charity in this way. We do not, and are not required to divulge any personal information to the HMRC from your completed forms.

Link to Gift Aid donation form


More details available on the HMRC Website