2013 / 2014 Spending 


Sun Shade Canopy for the Outdoor Classroom


2012 / 2013 Spending 




Resources and equipment


No major spending took place while the OHSA was saving funds for a Sun Shade Canopy over the Outdoor Classroom. 

2011 / 2012 Spending 


 May 2012


£2,114 was spent on purchasing the Outdoor Classroom using the funds raised from the 2011 Summer Fete. 

We are extremely grateful to all the volunteers who turned out at the weekend to build and install the classroom saving a great deal of money on the installation fee. Thank you !




February 2012


£700 used to supply each classroom with £100 worth of Wet Play activities, such as games, toys and DVDs. 

December 2011


£290 was spent providing a new sports kit for the school. 


October 2011

£1,040 was paid for the large World Map to be printed on the School Playground.


Because we were able to proceed with the Playground Map in October, we were also able to get the School Logo printed on the ground at the school gate free of charge.  Valued at £500 !



2010/2011 Spending 

New Astro Turf in the Early Years Play Area

February 2011

£2,000 was donated by OHSA towards the cost of Astro Turf for the Early Years play area. Now that the work is completed, this area has been opened up for the rest of the school to enjoy.  

New Red Gazebo

March 2011

£300 was spent on purchasing four much needed water-proof Gazebo's. These will prove invaluable for OHSA events and School outdoor activities


       Previous purchases by the OHSA:
  • Tables & Chairs for new building
  • Playground Markings
  • Computer & Printer for pre-school
  • Shinpads for girls football team
  • Interactive white boards
  • PA system and secure storage
  • Shelving for the school library
  • DVD/VCR combo units for each classroom
  • Early Years shed and outdoor equipment
  • Donation towards pantomime trip and sweets
  • Donation towards Kingswood Trip
  • Ice lollies after sports day
  • Aprons for Healthy Eating Club
  • Tuck Shop Trolley
  • ...and many others